Choose an Ozone Laundry System

Over the years, commercial on-premise laundry operators (OPL) have heard the promise that the ozone washing system will provide dramatic gains in the operational efficiency of the laundry (especially through energy savings) without losing linen yields.

Unfortunately, there are a number of poorly designed systems on the market that are too much promised and not delivered.

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The good news is that today there really is an ozone laundry system that fulfills these promises in the real-world commercial laundry. Health care providers, prison managers or institutions, hotel managers, and laundry operators in other locations get great benefits from ozone, including:

  • Energy savings by reducing up to 85% in the use of hot water
  • Reduction of water use by up to 20%
  • Use of chemicals cut by up to 10%
  • Linen life is extended to 20%

To get this result, OPL operators need to choose the right system based on the actual conditions in their real-world laundry. Some vendors make exaggerated claims based on the theoretical superiority of ozone. What is important is that the actual ozone laundry is installed as promised.

Criteria for Choosing an Ozone System

Because one wall mount cabinet with various pipe connections looks quite similar to another, it's clear that you have to look below the surface to make a good choice for ozone laundry. Here are some reasonable criteria that you can use to evaluate alternative systems.

Choose a vendor with a long ozone track record. The success in providing long-term ozone sanitation demonstrates strong company capability and support. It is important to know that companies that sell systems will be available for information and services on the road.