Buy Accessories To Design Your Own Climbing Frame

When constructing your own climbing frame we find it to be quite tricky and costly. Using state of the art 3d design software we now provide you with the ability to design your own climbing frame on the internet in 3d from a huge variety of parts and accessories that are all available to purchase from one of our merchants.

Using activities to design your own applications is a far more cost-efficient manner compared to building your own frame from scratch since you can attain the exact imaginative design from protected and purpose-built parts with directions. If you want to buy climbing frame accessories online visit

When designing a climbing frame there are numerous factors to consider such as your child’s age and height. Always try to remember what your child wants from the framework whether its imagination plays or merely somewhere to hang out.

When designing the framework also attempt to use a range of straps and towers as your little one will tire of one tower frame with a couple of accessories.

Action offers a range of towers for all age groups, for smaller children with little legs we would suggest the York tower since it has lots of platforms that range from various heights easily accessible for kids. 

When picking your climbing frame accessories we’d always suggest using a swing arm because you can always alter your swing chair in the future as your child grows instead of having to re-buy a framework.