Air Compressors Need Clean Air Too!

The air we breathe every day is full of pollution. It has water vapor and air particles that we breathe into our lungs. Most of it is harmless and we hardly ever notice that it is there. 

However, these harmless contaminants can be very dangerous for your air compressor due to the compression process. You can also explore compressedair to find more information about the refrigerated air dryers.

refrigerated air dryers

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During the compression process, the air compressor concentrates natural pollutants in the air and this process makes it dangerous for the air compressor and its components. 

Incredibly, they start to damage components and valves and get transferred to your air tool. Let's take a look at water condensation. Water vapor is a normal part of the air we breathe, especially if you live in a humid climate.

Additional cooler

Additional coolant cools the air temperature when it is removed from the compressor. Typically, about half of the moisture condenses for every 20 ° F cooled.


The dryer also removes moisture from the air compressor system by lowering the temperature. The dryer usually removes about 30% moisture. This is released in addition to the 60% secondary coolant. For this reason, coolers and dryers are often attached to air compressors to produce the driest air.

Unite the filters

After you've removed most of the moisture from your air compressor, use a refrigerant/dryer combination that will still leave solids in your system. This is usually rust, metal, and dirt.